Who Is Eddie Vedder's Wife? All About Jill Vedder (2024)

Eddie Vedder quickly became known as the frontman of Pearl Jam in the 1990s and his wife, Jill Vedder, has helped him celebrate his success over the years.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee was married to fellow musician Beth Liebling from 1994 until their divorce in 2000. Eddie began dating Jill that same year.

The couple married in 2010 and now share two children together — Olivia was born in 2004 and Harper followed four years later. Eddie and Jill connect over parenting and their shared love for philanthropy and activism — the rockstar even said in 2007 that he wanted their older daughter to be an activist herself.

Eddie and Jill have also collaborated in the music industry — the former model appeared in one of his music videos a year after their wedding.

So who is Eddie Vedder's wife? Here's everything to know about Jill Vedder and her relationship with the rocker.

She was born in Los Angeles in 1977

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Jill was born in L.A. on Nov. 11, 1977. She moved to Florida at the age of 15 and attended Mira Costa High School in California and then Manatee High School in Florida.

According to Your Observer, Jill formed the charity Babes Against Brain Cancer in 2013 with two of her five siblings, Denise and Ashley. Jill's sister Denise later died of a rare type of brain cancer, and the model shared a tribute on Instagram in 2020 on what would have been her 40th birthday.

"Happy birthday in heaven angel. I miss you everyday and I love you so very much.. you should still be here to celebrate," Jill wrote in the caption.

Jill was a model

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Jill previously worked as a model, and was one of the finalists in the Elite Model Look of the Year contest in 1996. She later left the Elite Model agency for Champagne Trott Management and appeared in many fashion magazines, including Vogue and Marie Claire.

While she has since retired from modeling, Jill shares photos of herself, often with family, on Instagram.

She married Eddie in 2010

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Jill and Eddie began dating in 2000. Per the Los Angeles Times, the couple got engaged in 2009 — Eddie proposed in Washington, D.C. before he performed at a Bruce Springsteen tribute show.

The following year, the pair got married on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Eddie and Jill's nuptials, which took place on Sept. 18, 2010, included guests Sean Penn and Jack Johnson.

Jill shares two children with Eddie

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Jill and Eddie have two children together. Olivia was born in 2004 and Harper was welcomed four years later. The mom of two shared a tribute to her younger daughter on Instagram for her 14th birthday in 2022.

"My baby, our love, the one who made our family complete. Thank you for being you. You are a bright light with the biggest heart," Jill wrote.

Olivia has followed in her father's musical footsteps. According to Louder, she performed a song that was co-written by her father for Penn's 2021 movie Flag Day and per her Instagram bio, she attends Berklee College of Music.

She co-founded a nonprofit with Eddie

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Alongside her husband and her childhood friend Ryan Fullmer, Jill co-founded the EB Research Partnership. The nonprofit organization aims to find a cure for the genetic skin disorder epidermolysis bullosa, which Fullmer's son was born with.

They host a range of fundraising events and have raised over $25 million toward finding a cure for the condition. Jill and Eddie's daughter Olivia is also involved with the organization and has participated in a campaign to raise awareness of the disorder.

Jill is an ambassador for Global Citizen

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As well as her work with the EB Research Partnership, Jill is an ambassador for Global Citizen, an organization aiming to end extreme poverty.

Jill was involved in the Recovery Plan for the World, a campaign to end COVID-19. She was also set to co-host Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream — at which her husband would be performing — in 2020, before the event was postponed due to the pandemic.

She works with Every Mother Counts

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Jill and Eddie also support the nonprofit Every Mother Counts, which aims to ensure safety in pregnancy and childbirth — Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation has even donated to the organization.

The former model has competed in half marathons in support of Every Mother Counts, too, sharing a photo of herself running in 2018 on Instagram.

She's an activist

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Both Jill and Eddie are known for being politically active and promoting progressive causes. Jill spoke out against the overturning of Roe v. Wade on Instagram in June 2022, and has also advocated for gun control on the social media site.

Her daughters seem to be following in her footsteps, too. In May, she posted pictures of herself alongside daughter Olivia at a Planned Parenthood rally.

Jill appeared in one of Eddie's music videos

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While Jill isn't a musician herself, she has appeared in one of her husband's music videos. In 2011, she starred in the video for "Longing to Belong," a single from one of Eddie's solo albums, Ukelele Songs.

The video, which came a year after their wedding, features footage from the couple's nuptials.

Who Is Eddie Vedder's Wife? All About Jill Vedder (2024)


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