The 16 Best Indian Web Series of 2021 We Hope You Don't Miss! (2024)

2021 has somehow managed to outdo its predecessors by leaps and bounds, and for us Indians it has been an especially devastating year. Many projects were stalled or pushed due to the pandemic, but some were still able to reach us at a time when we desperately needed a distraction. In the times of crisis, art can prove to be a great escape, and this year, it did! We give you 10 best Indian web series of 2021 so far that gave us some much needed comfort during some tumultuous times.

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1. Jeet Ki Zid

Based on the real life story of Major Deep Singh who was left paralysed below his waist after the Kargil War, Jeet ki Zid follows his life after war as he struggles to get back on his feet – figuratively and literally.

2. Gullak

Gullak by TVF follows the story of the Mishra family – as they conquer and overcome struggles that come with living a middle class life in India.

3. Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums follows the lives of five distinctly different women from different age groups struggling to exist as they fight with the patriarchy and their own self-doubts.

4. The Last Hour

When a Shaman who can revisit the dead’s last hour arrives in a crime scene to help a cop solve a murder mystery, he comes face to face with a dark figure from his past.

5. November Story

When a famous novelist suffering from Alzheimer’s finds himself at a crime scene with no memory of how he got there, the task of clearing his name falls onto his daughter’s shoulders.

6. Alma Matters

This Netflix docu-series sheds light on the lives of students at the highly coveted Indian engineering college, IIT Kharagpur and seeks to demystify the IIT experience.

7. TVF Aspirants

TVF’s Aspirants follows the lives of three friends who are UPSC aspirants, examining their past and present lives. In the past sequences it focuses on their preparation for the super-selective competitive exam, and in the present it focuses on their lives as adults.

8. Broken But Beautiful

In its third instalment, the popular web series focuses on a new couple, Agastya and Rumi, two people who come from different backgrounds but are brought together by fate.

9. The Family Man

The Family Man follows Shekhar Tiwari, a world-class cop who also happens to be the patriarch of a middle class Indian family. Srikant struggles to strike a balance between his demanding work-life and his family life, which is slightly falling apart.

10. Tandav

Tandav follows a premiere political party, with Samar Pratap Singh as the heir-apparent to the chair once his father, Devki Nandan Singh, chooses to retire. Even though Samar feels he’s ready, his father feels otherwise. Meanwhile, a revolution is brewing inside a college campus.

11. The Empire

The Empire is a historical drama based on the story of the Mughals, one of the most powerful dynasties in Pre-British India. The first season revolves around Babur, who after being crowned as Emperor at a young age, begins his conquest of North India.

12. Grahan

Amrita Singh is an IPS officer who’s red up with her work life and wants to quit the force to marry her boyfriend in Canada. However, she discovers that her father, a Sikh man, is a prime accused in an incident during the Sikh Riots of 1984. She then decides to stay on the force to uncover the dark truths of her father’s past.

13. Aspirants

Aspirants follows the story of a group of friends who are all aspirants of the UPSC test, one of the most competitive exams in India. The show goes back and forth in time exploring the stories of its characters, as it reveals the consequences of the choices they make.

14. Inside Edge Season 3

Inside Edge follows the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Powerplay League. The show explores the dark underbelly of the cricketing world which is filled with power struggles, money, and sex.

15. Kota Factory Season 2

Following the lives of young IIT aspirants, Kota Factory Season 2 continues the story, as Jeetu leaves Prodigy Classes to begin his own institute which he calls “Aimers.”

16. Mumbai Diaries: 26/11

Based on the horrific attacks of 26/11 that scarred Mumbai forever, this show stars Mohit Raina and Konkona Sen Sharma in lead roles. The movie revolves around a group of doctors responding to the mounting crisis even as attackers try to invade the hospital itself.

Did you like our list of the best Indian web series of 2021? Which one did you enjoy watching the most this year? Comment below to tell us your thoughts!

The 16 Best Indian Web Series of 2021 We Hope You Don't Miss! (2024)


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