The 11 best donut places in Amsterdam (2024)

The restaurant De Kas is a stunning way to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine made with organic ingredients. Situated in the suburban Park Frankendael, it occupies a historic greenhouse and is run by friends Wim de Beer and Jos Timmer. The menu changes weekly depending on what is available from the on-site kitchen garden or farm.

The most incredible and unique culinary experience we’ve ever had. The restaurant itself is set in a greenhouse surrounded by a park, everything was lush, green, and so natural. Staff was amazing, attentive, and timed perfectly. We had a five course meal with oysters and each dish was better than the next. Flavors were robust, dishes plated to perfection, and was a completely curated meal. Absolutely a must in Amsterdam

Lisa V — Google review

Very nice dining experience! They have a set menu and there’s not much room to choose but all the dishes amazed me. Super well presented and very tasty! I booked one month before to get a table but it was worth the wait! I would only suggest to be clearer with how the menu works as I was a bit lost when we sat down.

Sofia P — Google review

The restaurant is very beautiful! They have their own garden where they are grow all their vegetables.Pros: the food is Amazing, truly delicious and unique since most of it is vegetables and most of the dishes are vegetarian and some are vegan.Set menu with lots of food, when finished we where full.You are getting more bites then ordered as complimentary tasting.Prices are fare, around 100euro per person.Service it self is very kind and explaining.Cons: it seems like the restaurant mission 2 times of their employees since we waited really long between each dish.. The coffee was served long after the desert.And wine arrived after first course.The restaurant is loud, lots of people are talking and no music is in place.Toilet are regular and not 100% clean.Charging for water is not reasonable.

Yogev N — Google review

Really great dining experience. Different kinds of flavors that were not only tasty but also very nicely presented. The steak tartar oyster is a must try! We loved this starter a lot.Everything is either produced in the greenhouse next door of at a nearby farm that they own. And in case they can’t produce it themselves, they source is as sustainable as possible. Such a lovely concept! I will definitely come back!

May — Google review

Fantastic restaurant. Not only the food is amazing but the setting, environment and vibe are also great. We had a birthday dinner for two here and we were treated exceptionally well. 80% of the food is grown by themselves and the execution of the dishes is fantastic. Highly recommend!

Ernesto M — Google review

Never expected that I would enjoy eating veggies this much! Great concept of own grown & harvested vegetables 🌱Downside is that some dishes were slightly too salty.Upon reading the reviews I was kind of worried of receiving bad service, but that was definitely not my case. Attentive and knowledgeable employees.Loved the idea of giving sorbet instead of candies with the bill 🍨Memorable dishes: first course & main

JN P — Google review

Beautiful, fresh and delicious food here with an incredibly charming atmosphere.I think we had our single best meal in Europe in our 2 week trip here.For starters, I just love that the restaurant is in the middle of a cute little park and that it’s in an old green house. The premises of the restaurant added a lot to the ambiance and made us even more excited for our meal. Another thing to note is their menu rotates every 2 weeks.The starter courses were delicious and light and got us excited for the rest of the meal.The beef tartare oysters were absolutely worth it in my book(added surcharge)The main courses were all absolutely delicious. Each of them was unique, and had so much going on and it was an absolute delight to slowly eat and savor each of the dishes we had.The desserts were also exceptional. We had a lemon tart that had such rich lemon flavor, that was perfectly sweetened. The chocolate sherbet we were served was also delicious.We ended the meal absolutely stuffed. The serving sizes were generous and there were more courses than expected! What I’m used to in most tasting menus in the US including dessert and the appetizers in the count for # of courses but that was not the case here.My only disappointment here was the service could have been a bit better. I had to ask multiple times for the check and eventually just had to flag someone down.

Adriel O — Google review

The food is very creative and look awesome. The taste is wonderfully amazingly delicious.The ingredients are so fresh.The service is really great and fast.Staff are friendly and kind 😄It’s one of the best restaurants I’ve visited in my life.

Cara C — Google review

It’s a nice experience. We went to De Kas to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary. Nice staff, incredible place, beautiful inside out. The food is good as well. You might find the dishes small but trust me, they are not. In the end you get super satisfied. Dishes are differentiated with combinations you would not think about it and the presentation is super.

Vivi C — Google review

I’ve been waiting a lot to dine here and finally I got the chance to have a dinner with a couple of friends! The restaurant itself it’s so cool, a big open space with a lot of natural light coming in ( recommended to go before the sunset ). Guys working there are so professional and friendly; food is so genuine and every dish matches perfectly with the environment! Most dishes are plant based and I really appreciate the freshness and texture of them!

Daniele G — Google review

I really liked the concept - from farm to table, local ingredients and suppliers. The ambiance was amazing, in an open space with lots of natural light. I do think the flavours were unique and great to try but overall not my cup of tea. A good experience but I wouldn’t be in a rush to come back.

Lillian D — Google review

Extraordinary fine dining experience for a reasonable price! Vegetables harvested at their own harden, all of the dishes absolutely delicious, inspiring, fresh and hard to forget!The only weak point was the desserts, not really well balanced (the chocolate and wine), too sugary.Overall 10/10!I'm coming back!

gentlemadman — Google review

Very love the food and chef’s creativity. The taste is amazing and you won’t be able to taste anything like this anywhere else! It was a pleasant experience for me tasting fresh ingredients and enjoying wonderful atmosphere surrounded by edible plants. I could not wait to go back there again for different seasons.

Thakul R — Google review

Great experience. Too expensive for a plant-based proposal.Although there was cod, hamachi and we ordered a delicious sea urchin, the rest was somewhat missing character or a unifying theme. But it was good nonetheless.Price was just over the top.We particularly didn't enjoy the texture or flavor of the beetroot and pickled ginger spring roll amuse.Very good combination of exotic spices, herbs and vegetables.Service was an absolute A+.

Loer E — Google review

We were able to sneak in for a lunch on a Monday afternoon while we were visiting Amsterdam. We’ve had a lot of different meals on our travels but this was top three. Extremely fresh and delicious, complex dishes. The four course lunch was absolutely worth it. Highly recommended.

Andrew B — Google review

A truly special experience. The wonderful people of De Kas floored us with the seven stunning dishes presented to us.Make sure to get the 6 course menu because the dish that you miss when choosing the 5 course is one of the best desserts I've ever tasted.In addition to the quality of the food and the beautiful locale, the service was excellent.When in Amsterdam, do not miss De Kas. I look forward to my next visit!

David N — Google review

Great experience! Such a beautiful restaurant, good service, and amazing food. Each course was so unique, so flavorful, and beautifully presented. They were also super accommodating for dietary restrictions and food preferences, making adjustments to dishes for gluten-free requirements and someone that didn’t like fish. Looking forward to coming back in a few months for a new taste on the adjusting menu!

Sabrina — Google review

Beautiful spot and quite a big deal to get a reservation. Food is good (some flavor combinations are absolutely phenomenal) but I am just not such a fan of set menus (esp. ones where you aren't told what you will be served). Also, and perhaps this is only an issue because I was dining solo, I found the wait between the earlier courses and the main to be extremely long, e.g., an hour from the salad to the time I was served the next course. That said, the staff was wonderful, the restaurant is beautiful and the food was good but I prefer a more robust menu.

Irma Z — Google review

We had a pleasant experience, with great fresh and unique food. I eat gluten-freeand and they fit the menu for me🌾The place itself is beautiful, and we loved to see all the green surrounding us.It's was a bit chilly inside, so bring a jacket.Usually, you need to book in advance, but if you didn't try to look on the website on the same day, people canceled. We had a lucky day 😊Very recommended!

Yuval L — Google review

De Kas is a treat and a half, with most or all of the produce grown in the on-site greenhouse or nearby farm. The service was excellent, the drinks were super tasty, and most importantly, every single dish prix-fixe dish that came out was better than the last. Absolutely phenomenal food from start to finish.One thing they do that I really loved was that you don’t have to decide on the number of dishes at the beginning. They stop at 5 and ask if you’re still hungry, and are happy to stop or keep going, accordingly. Super thoughtful establishment from top to bottom. Don’t miss it.

Justin S — Google review

Best fine dining experience in Amsterdam! Delicious set courses, most of them are naturally vegetarian with the core main being meat (beef for me). Fresh ingredients tastefully put together. A very relaxed environment with waiters in t-shirts but wonderful service nonetheless. Great old fashioned co*cktails. Very happy with the no deposit policy.

Jeana F — Google review

Was a good experience. Menu changes constantly, but we dined during a vegetarian lunch day. Had some protein with an oyster and steak tartare appetizer. Nice for a one time experience.

TJ P — Google review

Lovely place. Very cool food design and interesting mix of flavours. The price is well below what they could ask for; for that quality of food and service. Loved every dish:)70% of the produce is harvested from their own local crops.

A A — Google review

We went there with my toddler son. The ambience is amazing and so is the location. The staff is very courteous and polite. They interacted very nicely with my son and had some special food suited for him. The food was a bit below my expectations. Most dishes were a little bit too salty for out taste but overall it was definitely worth a visit.

Vivek S — Google review

What a wonderful experience at De Kas! A true "farm to table" concept. Quite literally! The restaurant was located in a beautiful greenhouse and there were a few gardens inside the restaurant, as well as outside the restaurant which all of our food came from! We could see them planting what looked to be tomatoes in the greenhouse garden as we were being served our meal! It was absolutely unreal. We had a coursed meal including 6 dishes. I thought the price to be 100% worth the experience and food! Thank you, De Kas! We hope to see you again soon!

Kari M — Google review

Stumbled in here just on a random Tuesday night and was pleasantly surprised at what I had found! They just happened to have a single cancellation so I snagged a table. Had the five course tasting menu for 79 euro. Very veggie forward, left feeling full. Get there early and enjoy a walk through the gardens and park at sunset. Great service from my waitress Sharon

Alexander I — Google review

De Kas Restaurant: Then & NowPlants to plate, De Kas's maturity shows among its amazingly confident staff, well-trained and well-lived. They are celebrating 23 years of culinary excellence! From its humble beginnings to now, De Kas has remained a symbol of culinary innovation and timeless taste. I remember stepping into this enchanting greenhouse two decades ago, and today, I'm back to relive those cherished memories. The ambiance, the flavors, and the passion behind every dish remain as exceptional as ever. Here's to many more years of unforgettableThe main course was on its way, but I decided on the toilet visit while the dishes were withheld; my return, fantastic service, and sharply recognized the guest’s whereabouts.

Stephanie L — Google review

After all recommendations, we managed to reserve a table 2 months ahead. We liked the space and atmosphere. All food is picked freshly out of their garden and presented thoughtfully. The dish with the cod fish and the desert were our favorites. Liked the flexibility to ask if we need 5 or 6 courses during the dinner, not in advance. Staff were caring and knowledgeable. We followed their advice for each drink to match with our dishes. Overall a great experience!

Lebriz E — Google review

Exceptional restaurant of Amsterdam with a great concept of growing their own veggies. Everything was perfect, the fabulous food, wonderful service, you can even wander around the farm and see how their greens grow. I want to thank the whole team for their fantastic work and not only chefs, but each one employee of the restaurant - hostess, farmers, cleaners, waiters, kitchen staff. Keep up an amazing work

Elena A — Google review

This is a well-known Michelin 1-star restaurant but still super interesting one. This has a concept of greenhouse. Actually you can see the greenhouse right after entering this restaurant and you can see many interesting plants. However, the taste wasn’t like pure food ingredients. Rather it has some strong favours, especially for the first and second dish. And looks like their flavour was influenced by Asian cuisine, such as tempura in impression, and curry sauce in the second dish. Those were a bit too strong for me (salty, if I have to be more specific) where I deducted one star, but it was super hard decision for me.The other ones, I mean the impression, appetiser, main dish, dessert were more than perfect.Generally, I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere there and I am looking forward to visiting here again.

Sh L — Google review

The 11 best donut places in Amsterdam (2024)


The 11 best donut places in Amsterdam? ›

The #1 donut shop in America is subjective. According to Yelp, it's Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon in California. Some might also say their go-to is Krispy Kreme, which sells up to 1.6 billion a year, or they run on Dunkin' Donuts, which sells 2.9 billion, but we prefer the mom-and-pop shops.

What is the #1 donut shop in America? ›

The #1 donut shop in America is subjective. According to Yelp, it's Rocklin Donuts & Cinnamon in California. Some might also say their go-to is Krispy Kreme, which sells up to 1.6 billion a year, or they run on Dunkin' Donuts, which sells 2.9 billion, but we prefer the mom-and-pop shops.

What city is the donut capital of the world? ›

Tom's Donuts is the official Donut Capital of the World!

In 2022, on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, the Lake James location set a Guinness World Record for the most freshly baked donuts sold in eight hours. When the day was over, Tom's Donuts sold 8,558 donuts.

What is the most donut eating country in the world? ›

Per capita, Canadians eat the most doughnuts compared to all world countries.

Where is the most expensive donut in the world? ›

sold at London's Dum Dum Donutterie takes the cake at almost 20 times the price. Topped with Cristal caviar, the £1,500 — roughly $1,975 — doughnut reigns supreme as the most expensive pastry in the world.

What US city is known for donuts? ›

L.A. became the country's epicenter of donut culture when Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian immigrant, arrived in California during the 1970s. After setting up a sweet shop of his own, he helped fellow refugees who had fled from the Khmer Rouge create their own pastry empires.

What country eats a billion donuts a year? ›

Canadians eat about 1 billion donuts per year. That's more per capita than any other nation on earth.

What country invented donuts? ›

The history of the doughnut itself is generally traced to Dutch immigrants in 17th- and 18th-century New York, then New Netherland, who prepared fried dough balls called olie koeken or olykoeks, which means “oil cakes.” They were similar to modern doughnuts, although they did not yet have the iconic ring shape.

What is the oldest donut shop in America? ›

America's first doughnut shop was opened in 1673 by a Dutch woman, Mrs. Anna Joralemon, who sold her olykoeks on Broadway near Maiden Lane. They must have been delicious...they named a Brooklyn street after her.

What is the rarest donut? ›

The priciest doughnut on the planet is filled with champagne and topped with 24-karat gold. It's called the Golden Cristal Ube, and a dozen will set you back $1,200.

What is the number one donut brand in the world? ›

Dunkin' Donuts

With over 13,000 locations, the franchise has been awarded the #1 ranking in 2020 by Entrepreneur's Franchise 500, and #2 ranking in 2021. Startup costs for a Dunkin' Donuts franchise begin at $229,000.

What is America's 1 donut brand? ›

Hostess Mini Donuts

The brand prides itself on being "America's #1 Donut" — ironic, since its mini versions of the pastry are actually referred to as Donettes — and its products are sold in nearly every major retailer.

Is hostess America's #1 donut? ›

Hostess® Donettes® are America's #1 donut, based on independent national retail sales data. They come in Powdered, Frosted, Glazed, Crunch, Cinnamon Crunch, and Double Chocolate plus seasonal and limited time offering flavors.

What is the biggest donut franchise in America? ›

Dunkin' Donuts

With over 13,000 locations, the franchise has been awarded the #1 ranking in 2020 by Entrepreneur's Franchise 500, and #2 ranking in 2021. Startup costs for a Dunkin' Donuts franchise begin at $229,000. To learn more about a franchise opportunity with Dunkin' Donuts, click here.

What is the official doughnut of the United States? ›

Boston cream doughnut - Wikipedia.


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