Official MCR-99 droid locations (hidden planetary achievements) (2024)

Starting this as the go-to spot for finding these little guys. Post your findings here. If the necessary viewpoint is from a specific area, please make sure to mention it. Will update this as information comes in. Underlined planets are fully complete and confirmed by myself. Note that my Imperials are not leveled to macrobinocular quest level yet, so confirmation will take a while. Thanks to all so far, keep them coming in. One note, please specify the area you are when you post (ie: Jundland Wastes or Justicar Territory). If I miss your info, send me a personal message and I'll rectify it.

TYTHON (3) (Info from Twolightsabers, Aieranda)

A) On top of the right tower of the Jedi Temple, as you face west.

B) On top of Master's Retreat; must view it from the Gnarl's speeder path.

C) The Forge, as you first enter it and start to ascend the stairs up the large temple. At the first landing, facing the temple, look to the ruins off to your right (-16, 569).

ORD MANTEL (3) (Info from Nendreel, Colimar, TheIronMonkey)

A) Once you get off the shuttle that takes you planetside it's above and to the right. You will have to back-up to view.

B) Take the taxi to the outpost near Mount Avitavlan, just above the main entrance to Avitavlan (-828, 30).

C) Inside the Separatist Stronghold: Go to -533, 119 and look on top of the forcefield wall.

HUTTA (3) (Info from British_Wookie)

A) Top of a smoke stack in the Old Muckworks.

B) Top of a smoke stack in The Bog.

C) On top of a smoke stack, behind the starting building in Jiguuna.

KORRIBAN (3) (Info from British_Wookie)

A) At the very top of the Sith Academy.

B) On a stone bridge above the Wilds Laboratory.

C) Above the tomb of Marka Ragnos.

CORUSCANT (6) (Info from Twolightsabers, Aieranda)

A) Jedi Temple: Fairly obvious as you come in. Look up towards the Datacron.

B) Galactic Market: Look above the cranes/antenna towers in the first area with enemies.

C) Black Sun Territory: Near the Face Merchants heroic on a balcony.

D) Black Sun Territory: High up on the right hand side as before you start going down the ramps after you get off the flightpath and take the elevator down. Look right from (-3312, -183).

E) Black Sun Territory: It is above a crosswalk that prevents you from seeing it as you approach the area from front. Turn around and look up (-3956, 253).

F) Justicar Territory: In between justicar detention center and justicar computer lab. Look up and scan (803, 4544).

DROMAND KAAS (6) (Info from British_Wookie, Arryn_Khaldun, Pennfold, deWildeBEAST)

A) Acquired during the first stages of "The Shroud" mission. (Midway up tower near Rebel Camp)

B) Lord Grathan's estate, on top of the main building.

C) Dark Temple Approach, Kaas City expansion area, on top of one of the cranes.

D) Dark Temple Approach, Dark Temple Grounds, at the very top of the front of the temple.

E) Take the taxi to the Imperial Intelligence citadel. From the south side of that landing pad, point the binoculars to the south east and up just slightly.

F) A little bit east of the entrance to Kaas City is a waterfall, atop that waterfall is the espionage droid. I stood at the coordinates X: 140, Y: 507, Z: 14 and looked directly towards the waterfall.

TARIS - REPUBLIC (6) (Info from Risto_N, Widriksen, Pogmolthoin)

A) Republic Resettlement Zone: Facing west-southwest .Stand near taxi and look up to left of spaceport. (-1794, 519)

B) Republic Resettlement Zone: extreme NE of zone walk north of the entrance to the sinking city and look up on a platform. Viewed at (-962, -207).

C) The Sinking City: Collapsed Medical District. Go to the second floor of Dynamet General, jump to the east onto the blue canvas and look at the very top of the mountain of debris to the west (-480, -342).

D) Tularan Marsh: Inside Transport Station 5. Far end (room with the Imperials). On a pipe in the center of the area and offset north. Viewed at (1117, -483).

E) Tularan Marsh: Derelict Swoop Track north of Brejik's Run. Just above the first big hole in the deck (1241, 193).

F) Endar Spire site: On the wing of the ship (-87, -144).

TARIS - EMPIRE (6) (Info from Pennfold)

A) Taris (Imperial) - Republic Resettlement Zone (-1794, 519) facing West Southwest. It's on the edge of a plate.






NAR SHADDA (6) (Info from LVee)

A) Upper promenade: just stand at the entrance to the GSI shop and look East, droid is visually over the right holotree.






TATOOINE (6) (Info from LeJarC, Tyrias)

A) From Ridge Side Sentry post go east to the upramp for the rock bridge to Outpost Largona. Just over the the rock bridge there's a Sand People camp straight ahead, pass it on the right side. Instead of going right to Largona go left towards the Twin Sun's camp. Just past the Twin Sun's camp go to the left to the rift's edge. From here you'll be able to spot the droid in the southward leading rift.

B) Outpost Varath: when standing on the taxi platform it's in front of the most right cliff dwelling behind the taxi platform.

C) In the very south-east corner of the dune see, underneath a rock arch.

D) In between Anchorhead and Camp Karnori (in the exhaustion zone), viewable form both sides. (1740, -2680).

E) Ontop of one of two thin buildings in the sand people camp (1940, -980).

F) Floating by the top-most structure build into the cliffs (240, -2740).

ALDERAAN (6) (Info from Sfluhr, Staticus, Holyexecutor)

A) South of the Republic spaceport, perched atop a tower near the edge of the map.

B) In Fort Alde, perched atop a spire/antenna high above the fort.

C) Glarus Valley: Stand at around (-1452, -223), look east under an ice bridge.

D) Kaamos Territory: Ulgo Droid Factory Grounds. When you step on the bridge, on the right side of the central (red windowed) tower (2470/-2400).



BALMORRA - REPUBLIC (6) (Info from Twisselmann)

A) Under the southern bridge connecting Gorinth Canyon to the Sundari Flatlands (733, 1614)






BALMORRA - EMPIRE (6) (Info from DABhand, Renonssi, Twisselmann )

A) South west of okara droid factory: Swamp area farms with the mercs. Droid is up on the building on the east cliff (-1200,1605).

B) Heroic area in the Markaran Plains: main building to the north between the 2 domes, on the top (-800,95).

C) Outpost Victory: Platform high up on the tallest mountain, can be seen from the north of the base at the laser fences (605, 2041).

D) On the roof of the Troida Military Workshop building. I spotted this one from the cliff overlooking the chasm from the east (-62, 1874).


F) Under the southern bridge connecting Gorinth Canyon to the Sundari Flatlands (733, 1614)

QUESH () (Info from LeJarC, Risto_N)

A) North part of the map. At the point where you can choose to go right to the Three Families Palace Grounds go straight ahead. There's a big tower structures visible on roof on the right side of the entrance with a big vertical green illuminated strip facing you. It has two platforms going around it with the same green lighting. Droid is on the top one.

B) Magnilant Meadow: Far SE corner of the map, floating on a cliff south of the entrance to the mines.


HOTH (6) (Info from Sfluhr, Nendreel)

A) In the Starship Graveyard, perched atop the starship wreck that sticks out to the west from the dreadnought at a 45-degree angle. The droid is sitting on the highest point of the wreck.

B) Hoth: Highmount Ridge area, at the Geothermal plant. It's between the two high spires. There's a grill between them that makes it hard to spot. Approx. (-1200, 90).





BELSAVIS (6) (Info from Staticus)

A) Stand in front of where Primal Destroyer is and look at one of the holes up top.






VOSS (6) (Info from Staticus)

A) Above the Tower of Prophecy in Voss-ka. Between two spires on top of the tower.








MAKEB (6) (Info from Ryhov)

A) At the very back of Salida Hesk's compound. Atop the giant statue on the unreachable mesa (Looks like a giant angel). Viewed from (-2990, -2724).

B) Telemur Mesa: On central dish tower viewed from (-2990, -229).

C) Gravity Hook 4 at the base of the hook from (-3767, 2956).




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Official MCR-99 droid locations (hidden planetary achievements) (2024)


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