Destiny 2: 10 Tips For Farming Legendary Lost Sectors (2024)

With the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie has implemented Season of the Worthy's Legendary Lost Sectors into the core game that players can farm. Completing these Lost Sectors by yourself yields a high chance at an Exotic armor piece targeted for a specific slot.

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Both the Lost Sector and the Exotic armor piece in question rotates daily, which means that farming these Lost Sectors efficiently is key to getting the most out of this system. The payoff is massive, allowing you to farm over half a dozen Exotics every hour. For those looking to min-max their character or earn the new Beyond Light armor Exotics, here are ten tips to help with farming these tough Lost Sectors.

Updated April 6th, 2021 by Charles Burgar:Now that the Moon has Legendary Lost Sector variants, this article needed an update. New strategies, weapons, and general gameplay tips have been uncovered since players first started farming these rewarding Lost Sectors in the Beyond Light expansion. We've revised most entries to give more useful tips and tricks for efficiently farming Legendary Lost Sectors. Good luck.

10 Raise Your Power Level

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It should go without saying, but you should only be farming these difficult Lost Sectors if you are near their Power Level requirement. In general, you should be at least 20 Power under the activity to farm the Lost Sector in a reasonable time frame. Any Power Level lower than that will be too dangerous to complete in a short time window. Try to match the Power Level of the activity to increase the damage you do and reduce the damage you receive from enemies.

9 Gear Around The Modifiers

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Similar to Nightfalls, difficult Lost Sectors have modifiers that can make or break certain builds. Standard modifiers such as Attrition and Famine are present here alongside a few additions.

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The two most important modifiers you can look for are the types of Champions present and the elemental burn. There will always be two types of Champions in a Lost Sector that you must be able to counter, else you will have a significantly harder time beating the Lost Sector. As for the elemental burn, this effect applies to both you and any enemies you face. The damage bonus is significant, reminiscent of what elemental burns did in the original Destiny. Plan your loadout around these modifiers to have as smooth farming experience.

8 EquipDamage Resistance Mods

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Damage resistancehas never been easier to obtain. Chest armor now has dedicated mods that grant damage resistance against certain elements or attacks from certain distances. The first mod grants 25% damage resistance while using two of the same mod grants 40%.

Protective Light, aCharged with Light mod, also grants 50% increased damage resistance after your shield breaks, so long as you have Charged with Light stacks. The Warmind's Protection mod also causes enemies near Warmind Cells to deal 50% less damage, stacking multiplicatively with all of the aforementioned effects. Stack as many of these effects as possible to make this content much easier.

7 Use Warmind Cells

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Warmind Cells are one of the strongest mechanics in Destiny 2. These orange orbs can be augmented to deal increased damage, reduce the damage enemies deal, or suppress entire waves of enemies.

No matter the Lost Sector, you should have at least one way of generating Warmind Cells in your build. Both Seventh Seraph and IKELOS weapons can create them as long as you have a Warmind Cell armor mod equipped. Some noteworthy Warmind Cell mods include Global Reach, Warmind's Protection, and Cellular Suppression.

6 Run The Legend Version

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There are two difficulty variants to Lost Sectors: Legend and Master. Compared to Master difficulty, Legend Lost Sectors have a lower Power Level requirement, less modifiers, and fewer Champions.It is highly recommended to farm Legend Lost Sectors instead of Master variants, as the lower Exotic drop rate is offset by how much faster you'll be completing each run. Unless you can quickly farm Master Lost Sectors, stick to Legend difficulty.

5 Learn How To Counter Champions

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On the surface, defeating Champions is an easy process. You equip an anti-Champion mod, then use your weapon on a specific Champion type to stun them. However, there are a few quirks pertaining to Champion AI and all anti-Champion mods you should be aware of.

Anti-Champion Mods

Anti-Champion mods have some strange synergies with certain perks that can make your life much easier:

  • Explosive and Timed Payload trigger Overload Rounds in one shot.
  • Disruption Break works if you break a Barrier Champion's shield, making them take 50% increased Kinetic damage for five seconds.

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Additionally,neveruse Overload Rounds on automatic weapons. They take about 50% of your magazine before the Overload Round applies. Semi-automatic weapons, such as Scout Rifles and Bows, apply Overload Rounds after one or two shots. If said weapon has Explosive or Timed Payload, it'll disrupt Overload Champions in one shot.

Champion Quirks

As frustrating as certain Champion types are, they all haveweaknesses and quirks you can exploit.

  • All Champions:Every Champion has red veins protruding from their body. When you stun a Champion, these veins dim. You can stun a Champion again oncetheir veins flash white and glow again. This happens around five seconds after they recover from a stun.
  • Barrier Servitors:If it makes enemies invincible, damage the Servitor by 25% to force its barrier to spawn. Break its barrier to remove all immunity tethers.
  • Overload Champions:Right as an Overload Champion recovers from a stun, keep damagingit with an Overload weapon. This prevents the Champion from regenerating its health and teleporting, even if the rounds don't stun.

4 Recommended Weapons

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While each Lost Sector has different arenas and sightlines, there are a few weapons that are safe picks due to their lethality or utility. Here are a few recommendations:

  • The Lament:This Exotic Sword deals an absurd amount of damage with each attack, can pierce Champion shields, and heals you with every strike. Lament is a must-have for farming Lost Sectors you're overleveled for.
  • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.2:The IKELOS SMG is fantastic at breaking Arc shields and defeating rank and file opponents. Since it's an IKELOS weapon, it can generate Warmind Cells if you have any Season of the Worthy mods on your armor.
  • Rocket Launchers:Have one Legendary Rocket Launcher of each elemental type. If your Rocket Launcher matches the daily elemental burn, you can two-shot most Champions while they're stunned.
  • Hawkmoon:Paracasal Shot grants a drastic damage increase for every precision hit you obtain. Achieving x6 or x7 stacks of this buff can take down most majors and seriously injure Champions and bosses. This is a fantastic choice for players that don't have a good Sniper Rifle.

3 RecommendedSubclasses

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Not every subclass is created equal. For pinnacle PvE content, each class has one or two standout choices that make farming these missions much easier. Let's go over the best picks for each class.


  • Way of the Pathfinder (Bottom Tree Nightstalker):With The Sixth Coyote Exotic and Gambler's Dodge, you have on-demand invisibility that also grants a plethora of stat buffs for 20 seconds. Mobius Quiver is great for debuffing and killing bosses, Vortex Greandes deal a solid amount of damage, and your Smoke Bombs provide an immense amount of saftey.
  • Revenant (Stasis):If you're overleveled, pairing Mask of Bakris with Whisper of Hedrons can provide a drastic damage boost, allowing you to nuke Champions with ease.Silence and Squall is also fantastic at clearing out waves of enemies.


  • Attunement of Chaos (Top Tree Voidwalker):This is only good if you own Contraverse Hold. With that Exotic, you always have overcharged Vortex Grenades that can half-health Champions in Master-tier content.
  • Attunement of Grace (Middle Tree Dawnblade):On-demand healing and Well of Radiance make this a safe option for more aggressive players.


  • Code of the Siegebreaker (Bottom Tree Sunbreaker):Abilities grant health on kill, Sunspots are fantastic for damaging Champions, and you can use this spec to spawn Warmind Cells if you have the Wrath of Rasputin mod.
  • Code of the Protector (Top Tree Sentinel):Ward of Dawn is a clutch Super that can save a bad run. Defensive Strike is surpisingly good as well.

2 Wait For Easier Lost Sectors

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Some Lost Sectors are much easier than others, regardless of the diffiuclty setting. If you don't have a particular preference to certain Lost Sectors, give these Lost Sectors a try:

  • Perdition (Europa):If you can kill the Vex Hydra at the start, this Lost Sector is a breeze. Bring Warmind Cell mods to speedurn this misssion.
  • Veles Labyrinth (Cosmodrome):This Lost Sector takes four-seven minutes on Master difficulty if you can quickly kill Unstoppable Champions.
  • K1 Logistics (Moon):So long as you're not underleveled, K1 Logistics can be beaten in a few minutes on any difficulty. If you can clear the first room, this Lost Sector should give you no trouble.
  • K1 Revelation (Moon):Fodder enemies make up 90% of this Lost Sector. The Champions are easy to defeat, and the final boss can be killed safely from a distance.

1 Play Cautiously, Not Slow

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Clearing Lost Sectors too slowly will result in a failed run. Past 15 minutes, every five minutes afterward will remove revive tokens until you run out. Once you're out of revives, you fail the run and must start again.

Playing cautiously is still recommended since mistakes are punished here, although you still need to act with urgency. Focus on defeating any non-Champion enemies first to make your window for damaging a vulnerable Champion as large as possible. If that proves difficult—say you're fighting the Overload Minotaurs in the Bunker E15 boss arena—lure the Champions into a separate room and deal with them there. The goal is to play smart, not slow. Repeat the same Lost Sector as many times as you can to build a rhythm that you can improve on with future attempts.

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Destiny 2: 10 Tips For Farming Legendary Lost Sectors (2024)


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