21 Indian Web Series That Helped Us Have Amazing Weekends In 2021 (2024)

    Some great shows that helped us get through a not-so-great year.

    by Ritu ChandiramaniBuzzFeed Contributor

    1. The Family Man - Season 2

    Instagram: @primevideoin / Via instagram.com

    The second season of The Family Man was much-awaited and totally worth the wait. This time however, the covert operation was a lot more personal as Srikant Tiwari's (Manoj Bajpayee) own daughter was involved. The show is relatable as it heavily relies on current affairs and manages to keep us hooked enough for a binge session. Oh and Samantha Ruth Prabhu stole the show as Raji. You can watch ithere.

    2. Little Things - Season 4

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    What started as a cute mini-series on YouTube, Little Things soon became an audience favourite! This story of a cohabitating couple in their twenties, navigating the ups and downs of life, work, and relationships, struck a chord with many over the past few years. The fourth and final season of Little Things aired on Netflix in November.

    3. Candy

    Instagram: @ronitboseroy / Via instagram.com

    When a student is murdered, a cop and a professor come together to solve the mystery and, along the way, unravel a web of secrets. The characters are intriguing and have good chemistry and hence keep you hooked until the very end. You can watch Candy on Voot.

    4. Feels Like Ishq

    Instagram: @netflix_in / Via instagram.com

    Four beautiful and relatable short films follow young adults, as they navigate through the emotions that come with finding unexpected romantic connections.

    Watch Feels Like Ishq here.

    5. Mumbai Diaries 26/11

    Instagram: @primevideoin / Via instagram.com

    Mumbai Diaries 26/11 is a riveting medical drama that is largely inspired by the events of the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008. The story is largely told from the perspective of the doctors and staff of The Bombay General Hospital, while also covering the hostage situation at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Watch it on Prime video.

    6. Kota Factory 2

    Instagram: @netflix_in / Via instagram.com

    Kota Factory came back for a second season in 2021, and this time, we saw the main characters going through a lot more ordeals. The show is wonderfully created and accurately portrays the kind of pressure students in India face today. You can watch ithere.

    7. Hiccups & Hookups

    Instagram: @larabhupathi / Via instagram.com

    A show about a dysfunctional family, Hiccups & Hookups tries to tackle various aspects of modern day relationships in a colourful way. WithLara Dutta, Shinnova,andPrateik Babbaras its leads, theshow is Lionsgate Play's first Hindi original. You can watch iton Lionsgate's websiteor through an add-on subscription on Amazon Prime Video.

    8. Aarya - Season 2

    Instagram: @disneyplushotstar / Via instagram.com

    The second season of Aarya picks up right where the previous one left off and focuses on the lead coming back to India. However, Aarya soon realises that her return was not the best decision for her family's safety. While the story itself is quite gripping, Sushmita Sen, yet again, shines with her performance. You can watch the showhere.

    9. Grahan

    Instagram: @disneyplushotstar / Via instagram.com

    Inspired by Satya Vyas’ novel Chaurasi, Grahan traverses two worlds that are decades apart and creates a bridge between the present and the past, all while keeping you hooked. The show has old-school romance, drama, and mystery, all packed into one. Watch ithere.

    10. Aspirants

    Instagram: @theviralfever / Via instagram.com

    This TVF original is about three friends preparing for their IAS exams. The show goes back and forth between the past and the present of these three aspirants, documenting what they aspired to be and where they are now. If you can get past the constant ad placements, the show might leave you quite emotional.

    You can watch Aspirants hereor on YouTube.

    11. Sunflower

    Instagram: @zee5 / Via instagram.com

    The show revolves around a murder mystery in a housing society called "Sunflower". The story has two obvious murder suspects and some twists, but certainly not as many as a conventional thriller. Sunil Grover, however, stuns with his performance throughout. You can watch Sunflower on Zee5.

    12. Decoupled

    Instagram: @netflix_in / Via instagram.com

    Decoupled is about a dysfunctional couple in the process of separating, or "decoupling". The show revolves around their lives and their day-to-day mishaps, as they try to find a way to break the news to their 12-year-old daughter. You can watch it on Netflix.

    13. Special Ops 1.5 The Himmat Story

    Instagram: @disneyplushotstar / Via instagram.com

    Special Ops 1.5 is a prequel story about a mystery the protagonist encounters before he becomes a R&AW officer, and takes us a little closer to knowing who Himmat really is. Kay Kay Menon's performance in this well-crafted series is stellar. PS. You can watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

    14. Aisa Waisa Pyaar

    Instagram: @primevideoin / Via instagram.com

    Aisa Waisa Pyaarhas four short stories that explore various forms of love, right from the love between two best friends to that shared by an old married couple. These modern-day love tales are entertaining and easy to resonate with! Watch it on Amazon Prime Video with an add-on Eros Now subscription.

    15. Ray

    Instagram: @netflix_in / Via instagram.com

    This anthology series is based on four short stories by Satyajit Ray. From satire to thriller, every one of the episodes is a masterpiece with a brilliant cast.

    You can watch Ray on Netflix.

    16. Tandav

    Instagram: @primevideoin / Via instagram.com

    Tandav was initially considered to be a show that would portray the dark side of Indian politics, but later had mixed reviews. While the plot may not be as strong as we originally thought, the aesthetics certainly keep you hooked. You can watch it here.

    17. The Reunion - Season 2

    Instagram: @veerrajwantsingh / Via instagram.com

    The Reunion's second season comes years after the first. The latest offering of this Zoom Studios original production revolves around an estranged family that's forced to come together during a crisis. We see the family rediscovering relationships through all the twists and turns. You can watch the latest seasonhere.

    18. Dhindora

    Instagram: @bhuvan.bam22 / Via instagram.com

    An extension of the Bhuvan universe, Dhindora explores the rollercoaster that ensues after his father, Babloo, wins a lottery ticket and has an accident the next minute. The accident has caused Babloo to lose the lottery ticket as well as his memory. Dhindora is ten shades of Bhuvan. You can watch ithere.

    19. Aranyak

    Instagram: @netflix_in / Via instagram.com

    Another murder mystery and a familiar tale in which two police officers try to investigate a murder and face hurdles along the way, including political ploys. Raveena Tandon's acting is spot on and she absolutely nails her character. You can watch Aranyak on Netflix.

    20. Hostel Daze - Season 2

    Instagram: @ahsaassy_ / Via instagram.com

    The new season of Hostel Daze follows the leads, now in their second year. While the latest fails to mention the stress that engineering students have to deal with, it is filled with anecdotes. It manages to be funny, breezy, and relatable, and portrays hostel and college life unapologetically. Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

    21. Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar

    Instagram: @ronitboseroy / Via instagram.com

    Akkad Bakkad Rafu Chakkar is the story of a man who loses his parents in a tragic accident but tries to cope with it by hatching a plan to open a bank, con people, and scoot off to another country. With some good actors and a few twists along the way, the show is an interesting watch. Watch ithere.

    21 Indian Web Series That Helped Us Have Amazing Weekends In 2021 (2024)


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