2002 volkswagen eurovan weekender for sale - Seattle, WA - craigslist (2024)

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2002 Volkswagen Westfalia EuroVan Weekender with Pop Top Roof

Available to view and test drive at our Sales Lot by Appointment.

This classic VW Camper is the original VAN LIFE van. The 2002 model year features the very powerful 2.8L VR6 (V6) with 201 HP and a 4-speed automatic transmission. One of 8 in our inventory right now. Unlike the earlier VW camper vans, the much more reliable EuroVan will get you to your destination and you can drive the speed limit while doing so at about 18-22 MPG :). You will also see the Weekender comes equipped with cruise control, adaptive driver learning, and a JVC stereo/ CD player for those nostalgic audiophiles. The EuroVan also offers modern safety features including airbags, anti-lock brakes, seat belts, and child-seat anchors.

Seats up to 7 and sleeps 4-5. The roof pops up to reveal a bunk for 2 or folds up and away providing 7' of headroom. The passenger-side jump seat quickly removes giving you additional standing room. The driver-side rear-facing seat houses a 12-volt cooler box underneath the seat. Between this chair and the bench seat, a utility table for two unfolds from the wall. The rear bench seat slides forward and lies flat to sleep 2-3, or a grip of kiddos if you can convince them to not sleep in the "tree house" upstairs :) The Westfalia always comes with full privacy curtains and fluorescent lighting that runs off of the auxiliary battery.

Rear and Outside
The rear hatch opens to reveal even more storage space under the removable bed platform. The storage reaches all the way under the bed/bench seat and there are two access points under the bench so that you may grab your gear while still inside the cabin.

But Wait, There's More
The EuroVan has great ground clearance at 7.1'', the average SUV is about 6''.We take these down unmaintained BLM roads without issue, (as that's where the majority of good fishing spots are). For those that would like to beef up their off-road capabilities, we offer the Baja Package which would give additional ground clearance, better shocks, a protective baja liner, and upgraded wheels and tires. We offer many upgrades and accessories that allow you to tailor your EuroVan to fit your camping needs. We do awnings, LED bulbs, Solar, Transmission Coolers, and more. Ask us for a list of available upgrades (it differs from our online store).

Shipping and Reconditioning
We offer vehicle history reports on request. All of our inventory have clean titles and are registerable in all 50 States and Canada. We can also offer shipping to all the Lower 48 and ship to the border or port for AK, Canada, and HI. If you'd like to have this vehicle reconditioned by our team of specialists, or if you already own a van that you'd like fixed up, contact us to schedule an appointment with our Service Department.

This vehicle will undergo a complete inspection of all mechanical, safety, and camping equipment anything found to be in need of repair or non-functional will be taken care of as part of this package. Cosmetic reconditioning is available a la carte after inspections, an estimate will be provided. A third-party mechanical inspection is available at your cost. The vehicle will undergo inspections after it has been purchased. The reconditioning process is averaging about 12 weeks at this time.
We will schedule pickup/delivery after the inspection is completed. If you are a California resident we will also handle the title and registration for you. If out-of-state, we will send a packet with the title including a packet for easy registration in your state.


Payment via cash, wire transfer, or cashier's check will be accepted. The vehicle will be available for pickup or delivery after the inspections are completed. We do not offer any financing but are willing to help you secure financing through a credit union or third-party financier. Payment in full must be completed within 7 business days. A $500 deposit is due within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading this far, let us know if you have any questions or if you'd like to schedule an appointment or phone call.
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2002 volkswagen eurovan weekender for sale - Seattle, WA - craigslist (2024)


How much is a 2002 Eurovan? ›

Used 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan pricing starts at $7,670 for the Eurovan GLS Minivan, which had a starting MSRP of $26,815 when new. The range-topping 2002 Eurovan MV Minivan starts at $9,007 today, originally priced from $28,315.

What is Eurovan Weekender package? ›

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Eurovan Camper's optional MV Weekender Package (if you can find one) includes: A pop-top roof with sleeping for two. Full-swiveling captain's chairs. Window screens for the two sliding windows. A fixed rear-facing seat with a refrigerator stowed beneath it.

How many miles per gallon does a Eurovan camper get? ›

Gas mileage ranges from 18-22 miles per gallon, an INCREDIBLE savings for long distance trips over other vans or RVs.

How many miles can you put on a Eurovan? ›

I've seen one 400,000 mile VR6 van with the original transmission and I had a 300,000 mile one in my shop with the original trans. I see lots of 200-250K vans with original transmissions.

Why are VW vans so expensive? ›

VW campers are notoriously expensive, largely because they are so popular. The Volkswagen brand became synonymous with campervan in the 1960s and 70s, when 'hippies' travelled across the world in them. Since then, VW have released many more campervan models, but the original style remains one of the most expensive.

What was the last year Eurovan was made? ›

The Eurovan was discontinued in 2003 when the T4 was replaced by the T5, which hasn't been sold in the US. Volkswagen did introduce a rebadged Chrysler Town & Country in 2008 as the very unsuccessful Routan.

How many people does a Eurovan camper sleep? ›

The weekender, also a modern member of our fleet, is the great alternative to the full camper. It seats up to 7, has a pop-top, plenty of ventilation for the warm summer months, airbags, anti-lock brakes, 2 beds & room for 4 to sleep.

What is a high mileage for a campervan? ›

It depends on a variety of factors, such as the make and model of the motorhome, the maintenance it has received, and the type of roads it has been driven on. Generally speaking, anything over 100,000 miles can be considered high mileage for a motorhome.

What is the most economical small camper van? ›

In the search for the most fuel efficient camper van, the Toyota Sienna Hybrid emerges as the top choice for small vans, offering up to 35 MPG with its hybrid engine.

Can a Volkswagen last 300000 miles? ›

How Long Do VW Cars Usually Last? Most Volkswagen vehicles will last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles, although well-kept models can last even longer than that.

Are Volkswagen good cars after 100k miles? ›

Do VW cars last long? Known for longevity, most Volkswagen vehicles last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles. Properly maintained models can even outlast the upper limit! In terms of longevity, the VW Golf, Passat, and Jetta reign supreme.

How many miles is too many for a used Volkswagen? ›

In the past, most drivers would hear that they shouldn't purchase a vehicle with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer. Today, used VW Atlas and other used cars last a lot longer than they used to, and even 150,000 miles might qualify as good mileage for a used car.

What is a 2002 Rialta worth? ›

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$61,786$17,800
Options (Add)
Total Price$61,786$17,800
2 more rows

Are Eurovans still made? ›

Although Eurovan is no longer producing newer models, it still seems to grab consumers' attention, but that doesn't mean a new generation of this van will never come. Nowadays, many young professionals work from home and can travel more while working on the go.

How much is the VW XL1 in dollars? ›

Gillies says “relatively wealthy” Europe-based buyers who “want a really efficient commuter car” will be able to get the XL1 for 111,000 Euros ($145,000 USD) later this year. VW will make 250 of them, all at a factory in Germany.

How many people does a Eurovan sleep? ›

Eurovans are available for rent during all four season. It has a thermostat for climate control in cold weather camping, plenty of ventilation for the warm summer months, airbags, antilock brakes & room for 4.


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