15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (2024)

Many Indian audiences are fond of the expanding digital culture. Online streaming platforms are always booming with fresh Indian web series.

One of these organisations is Hoichoi, which is a Bengali entertainment platform. It has given viewers plenty of captivating content and 2021 is no exception.

In September 2020, Hoichoi reported that they had 13 million subscribers at the time. That is all set to increase with further dynamic shows on the streaming service.

Viewers can also enjoy some amazing performances from a wide range of stars in the 2021 web shows available on Hoichoi.

We showcase a list of 15 exciting web series that will thrill the audience in 2021.

Byomkesh (Season 6)

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (1)

The sixth season ofByomkeshpremiered on January 8, 2021. This thrilling installment of the Indian web series contains three episodes.

In the sixth series, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi (Anirban Bhattacharya) must solve a murder.

During his investigation, he unearths a much larger conspiracy that viewers can only fully enjoy by watching the show.

Anirban nails his titular character with his acting. He is a mixture of firmness, compassion, and honesty.

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Beneath his politeness is a sharp interior picking out, which tool to use next.

Ridhima Ghosh and Suprobhat Das are also excellent in the parts of Ajit and Satyabati. They portray emotion and confusion meticulously.

ibTimes.co.in notice the brilliance in the performances:

“Actors Anirban Bhattacharya, Ridhima Ghosh and Suprobhat Das were reserved for their roles as Byomkesh Bakshi, Ajit and Satyabati.

“They have consistently played their part with brilliance and conviction.”

Watch the sixth season ofByomkeshfor a wild ride.

Fish & Chips

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (2)

Fish & Chipsis a comedy Indian web series that premiered on January 16, 2021. This web show features five episodes.

The story focuses on a married couple called Timir (Apratim Chatterjee) and Parama (Tapasya Dasgupta).

Angshuman Patro (Pratik Kumar Dutta) entrusts the pair to look after his house in his absence. While living there, the duo descend into chaos.

The show lights the screen up with humour. The funny scenes, which depict blazing arguments between Timir and Parama are relatable for almost every couple.

The haplessness of Timir while guiding a fish salesman to the house is rib-tickling. One cannot help but burst out laughing at how clueless he is while setting up Parama’s new washing machine.

Roni Patra from letsott.com praises Apratim’s fantastic performance in the show:

“[Apratim] is solid as the indolent, confused husband who tries to stick to Patro’s instructions and fails miserably.”

The onscreen chemistry between Apratim and Tapasya is also a big reason for the successful comedy in the web series.

If the audience wants something good to laugh at, they will certainly have to watch Fish & Chips.

Hello (Season 3)

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (3)

The popular Indian web series Hello returned with a third series on January 22, 2021, featuring twelve episodes.

In the third season of this dramatic show, Nandita (Raima Sen) and Nina (Priyanka Sarkar) are finally living together.

The previous two seasons showcase them battling their love for each other as well as the stigma surrounding hom*osexuality.

However, Nandita’s husband, Ananyo (Joy Sengupta) is not done with her yet. He invites them to a masquerade reunion. There, they encounter a mysterious man.

Future episodes see Nina get arrested, with Nandita trying to get her head around the traumatic events. Ultimately, how will she stand by and save the woman she loves?

According to newmoviereviews, the three leads shine in this web show. That is one of the elements they believe strengthen the show:

“The suspense, drama and a few powerful performances have made Hello Season 3 worth watching.”

It is promising to see a taboo subject like hom*osexuality get tackled in an Indian web series. If for nothing else, the show should be appreciated for that.

The third installment ofHellowill have viewers aching for more seasons.

Turu Love

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (4)

Turu Loveis a five-episode romantic Indian web series that dived on to Hoichoi on February 12, 2021.

It tells the story of Tiyasha (Rajnandini Paul), a free-spirited girl who enjoys a casual relationship with her friend.

However, complications arise when Tiyasha undergoes an arranged match with the innocent Aritra (Rishav Basu).

Not impressed with Aritra’s finances, Tiyasha refuses to marry him. Aritra vows to win her affections but while doing so, he falls in love with Brinda (Ushasi Ray).

These incomplete hearts form a warm yet complex web series. People can connect with the emotions and motives of the characters in waves of empathy.

Pakoo.in recognises the complexity that is shown in the programme:

Turu Love reflects contradictory personalities of one single character.Life is complicated and that is beautifully depicted in the series.”

They are also fans of Rishav’s acting, especially his stammer:

“His way of stammering, not continuously but subjected to situational demands, took his performance to another level.”

Aritra’s sweet nature, Tiyasha’s headstrong personality and Brinda’s helpful traits are all the successful ingredients for this show that should not be missed.

Nokol Heere

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (5)

Nokol Heereis a thriller web series, which consists of seven episodes. It made its debut on Hoichoi on March 12, 2021.

The series showcases the character of Damayanti Dutta Gupta (Tuhina Das). She is an investigator who works on the murder of Pratap Som (Sudip Sarkar).

Pratap is believed to have been shot by his wife Dipanwita ‘Dipu’ Som (Rajnandini Paul).

This Indian web series packs action and intrigue in each episode. Scenes where Damayanti becomes paranoid display Tuhina’s marvellous acting.

This is apparent when Damayanti is introduced to a detective who keeps an eye on Dipu. He reveals Dipu’s dark past, which throws the entire investigation into confusion.

Damayanti’s character is also prevalent in previous web series.Nokol Heereonly adds to that impressive list.

Newmoviereviews note warmly the effort of the directors:

“The director duo Aritra Sen & Rohan Ghose did a fantastic job.

If fans enjoyed the other Dayamanti web series, they are in for a treat withNokol Heere.

Shei Je Holud Pakhi (Season 2)

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (6)

The second installment of this Indian web series premiered on April 14, 2021. This web show has eight thrilling episodes.

Shei Je Holud Pakhi 2begins on a murderous note when Vaidehi (Tridha Choudhury) is found dead.

Somnath Maitra (Saswata Chatterjee) teams up with his ex-girlfriend, Anuradha Mukherjee (Rupanjana Mitra) to investigate the killing.

As the no-nonsense Anuradha, Rupanjana is able to bounce off the collective portrayal of Saswata. The pair are terrific onscreen, enlightening the series with brashness and wit.

Vaidehi is also brilliant as a young band member and the scene where she is found dead rings with emotion.

When Somnath is verbally challenged, he simply folds his hand, showing he is ready. The aura and style of Saswata are infectious.

ppmovie.world laud the authentic relationship between Anuradha and Somnath:

“The Somnath-Anuradha relationship feels genuine and believable.

“Both Saswata and Rupanjana portray these characters as if their past haunts them and influences their friendship.”

The entertaining factors of the second series spring from a variety of positive material. This encompasses everything from character to plot.

If fans enjoyed the previous season, they will love this offering ofShei Je Holud Pakhie.

Mohomaya (Season 1)

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (7)

The first season ofMohomayais a thriller that premiered on March 26, 2021. Each of its five episodes churns mystery and obsession into a compelling Indian web series.

The plot centres on Rishi (Bipul Patra), a young man who moves into Aruna’s (Swastika Mukherjee) house.

Aruna is a mother with a loving family. However, when Rishi enters her life, an overly close, unconventional bond forms between the two.

Rishi soon becomes obsessed with Aruna. It is an interesting premise that has the potential to keep viewers engrossed.

Aruna returns Rishi’s fixation with a blind trust that soon sees the young man run the household. The differently-aged actors possess good chemistry that pioneers this programme.

Times of India is complimentary of Swastika’s performance and her mood variations as Aruna:

“Pitch perfect would be the right word here.”

“[Swastika] portrays Aruna’s mood swings, the constant bickering, the chemistry with her children, husband (Sujan) and her son’s girlfriend and her protective motherly instinct towards Rishi perfectly.”

Bipul also delivers well as the young Rishi who torments himself about his past.

The audience is sympathetic towards him. Although, being an unlikeable character, what’s understandable is where his deeds stem from.

If one wants to see an ornate portrayal of obsession and trust, this web series is a good place to go.

Maradonar Juto

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (8)

Maradonar Jutois a six-part romantic comedy Indian web series, which premiered on April 30, 2021.

The series follows two families – the Duttas and the Chowdhurys. They are in conflict over a pair of boots.

The fighting escalates further when the children of the two families fall in love. They are Hiya Dutta (Sushmita Chatterjee) and Ronodeep ‘Rono’ Chowdhury (Amartya Ray).

The feud between the families also proves a hindrance in another romance. This is the courtship between Animesh Dutta (Anirban Chakrabarti) and Shakuntala Chowdhury (Moyna Mukherjee).

Maradonar Jutoshares similarities withRomeo and Julietwhen it intertwines familial opposition with love.

The age-old plot always holds resonance with viewers and that is the strength of this show.

What really brings the programme to life are the performances of the actors.

The acting of the warring patriarchs, Avinash Dutta (Joydeep Mukherjee) and Ahinash Dutta Chowdhury (Sujan Mukherjee) are particularly a highlight.

Letsott.com acknowledges their funny performances, which shine in the show:

“They are hilarious as the patriarchs. The manner in which they keep trying to outwit each other is fun to watch.”

The relationship between Hiya and Rono also highlights the conventions of young attraction. These include flirtation and sexual desire.

Maradonar Jutohas the perfect formula for an approachable web series. For that, it is worth the time of the audience.

Subharambha: The New Beginning

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (9)

Subharambha: The New Beginning is a coming-of-age Indian web series, which made its Hoichoi debut on May 7, 2021. The web show consists of six episodes.

Subhomita (Jasmine Roy) nurtures an ambition to become a musician. However, problems in her domestic life and creative hurdles are all preventing her from achieving her dreams.

Things take a turn when Subhomita meets the encouraging Shruti (Dibyasha Das). Both girls work together to make it big in the music world.

Amid all this, Subhomita must deal with her mother’s illness. She also contends with her relationship with childhood friend Mainak (Satyam Bhattacharya).

There is plenty of interesting and engaging material bubbling inSubharambha: The New Beginning. Subhomitra and Shruti are epitomes of courage and determination.

In one scene, Subhomitra stands her ground when confronted about her desire to make music. She declares:

“My music is my own!”

This makes the audience cheer for her, as boldly as the music she plays.

Meanwhile, Satyam is especially endearing as the romantically confused and desperately in love Mainak.

Subharambha: The New Beginning should be seen as an inspiring, emotional wringer of determination. The audience will want to follow their dreams after seeing this show.

Mohomaya (Season 2)

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (10)

The audience’s reception ofMohomayamust have been positive as it was renewed for a second season. The second series, which premiered on May 21, 2021, consists of five episodes.

Bipul Patra and Swastika Mukherjee reprise their respective roles as Rishi and Aruna. Rishi is the paying guest who is creepily obsessed with Aruna.

Meanwhile, Aruna has an unnatural trust in Rishi. For her, the young man can do no wrong.

Tensions continue when Miki (Arunava Dey) gets suspicious of Rishi. Then an alarming death destroys the family. Rishi is destroying the family bond, thread by thread.

Like the first season, the second series ofMohomayais gritty and riveting viewing. However, the performances keep it kicking in Hoichoi’s sea of entertaining Indian web series.

Binged.com showerspositivity about Swastika’s portrayal of Aruna. They also commend Sujan Mukherjee’s depiction of the dubious father:

“Swastika Mukherjee is the show-stealer in an extremely fine performance in the role of an over-possessive yet naïve mother.

“Sujan Mukherjee is in fine form while cast as the suspicious father in a middle-class household who doesn’t trust anything by face value.”

They also praise the fascinating climax:

“The cliffhanger ending gives an interesting twist to the show.”

With so many haunting performances and an original storyline, the second season ofMohomayawill keep viewers glued to the screen.

Paap: Antim Pawrbo (Season 2)

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (11)

Paap: Antim Pawrbrois a mystery programme, with its second season becoming available on June 4, 2021. This Indian web series boasts five epic episodes.

Riddled with murders, the Choudhurys point accusing fingers at Parboni ‘Paru’ Choudhury (Puja Banerjee).

Is she innocent?The series focuses on the way she answers this question.

Paru must ensure all sinners receive their punishments, but viewers must watch to discover if she is one of them.

In an interview with IMWBuzz, Puja delves into her favourable experience playing Parboni:

“It’s been extremely fulfilling playing Parboni as an actor and equally interesting knowing her as an audience.”

This is apparent in the second series of the show. A viewer on IMDB is clearly a huge fan of the web series. They pile kind words about several aspects relating to the show:

“Background music induces the vibe. Star casts have done their job accurately. It will grip you to end.

“After completing Season 2, I want to say that it is one of the best of Hoichoi indeed.”

After the second outing of Paap: Antim Pawrbo,jaws will be on the ground in amazement and astonishment.


15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (12)

Mouchaakis a scintillating Indian web series, which contains seven episodes. It was released via Hoichoi on June 18, 2021.

The show stars Monami Ghosh as the lead character, Mou Boudi. She is a promiscuous wife, who cheats on her husband with several men.

Unknown to Mou’s husband, all her lovers have a key to their house. When he leaves for business, a string of lovers arrive at Mou’s door.

It is refreshing to seeMouchaakdisplay serial infidelity from a female perspective. In a show full of twists, the character keeps the viewers hooked.

There is always another knock disturbing Mou. However, when Mou finds herself presiding over a dead body, she must find a way to dispose it, while entertaining her men.

Mou’s sultry expressions, her seductive body language, and her gait all create an iconic character.

In the trailer of the show, a voiceover asks:

“How many more will show up?”

This aptly describes the attention-grabbing factor of the show. A unique premise and a great actress make for a wonderful web series.

Mouchaakis an intoxicating show that will have audiences gasping for more as each scene progresses.


15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (13)

Mohanagaris a thriller that premiered on Hoichoi on June 24, 2021, featuring eight episodes.

This Indian web series tells the story of Afnan Chowdhury (Shamol Mawla). He is a spoilt, conceited brat who finds himself embroiled in a hit-and-run.

The officer chief, OC Harun (Mosharraf Karim) tries to frame an innocent technology worker called Abir Hassan (Khairul Basar). This is a result of bribery.

It all ultimately falls to Inspector Moloy Kumar (Mostafizur Noor Imran) and ACP Shahana Huda (Zakia Bari Mamo). They must ensure that justice prevails.

Mohanagaris an original show in that it does not really focus on catching the criminal. It is more about solving the problem.

All actors are splendid in their portrayals, which makes this show so watchable.

Mosharraf Karim in particular is excellent in his role as the corrupt police officer Harun. The audience is never quite sure about his motives.

His dialogue delivery is also captivating and it stays in the mind.

Sankhayan Ghosh, from Film Companion,divulges into Mosharraf’s gratifying performance as well as the in-depth characterisation of Harun:

“Harun is a fascinating character, wickedly played by Karim, who’s just one of those actors who’s amusing to watch even when he is doing nothing.”

The thoughts of Sankhayan show in detail the positive reception of the character. This further contributed to the good responseMohanagarreceived.

Mohanagaris a cracking web series, which dives into the dark world of police corruption. In that respect, it also contains an important social message.

If the audience wishes to see a great crime thriller, this show ticks all the desirable boxes.


15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (14)

Dujoneis an Indian web series, which premiered on July 9, 2021. It wraps thrill around each one of its ten episodes.

Within the show, Amar Basu Thakur (Soham Chakraborty) meets with a horrific accident, which leads to changes in his behaviour.

These include criminal activities and dodgy dealings. His wife, Ahana Thakur (Srabanti Chatterjee) hires a private investigator to find out what her hubby has been up to.

As the series unfolds, the canyon between the couple becomes wider. As Ahana, Srabanti is terrific as the former asks:

“Am I stupid?”

The plea and genuine self-doubt in her eyes make audiences root for her. People want her to be happy.

In an official review of the show, Roushni Sarkar from Cinestaan concurs with Srabanti’s diverse emotional range:

“[Srabanti] Chatterjee’s performance stands out for making the range of emotions she goes through feel real on screen.”

The sentiments of Roushni show the amount of life Srabanti brings toDujone.

Roushni continues to talk about how the characterisation of both Ahana and Amar keep the viewers intrigued:

“Amar oscillating between his avatars of shrewd businessman and aloof husband and Ahana chasing the truth while being tracked at the same time keep the audience engaged.”

Dujoneis an exciting thriller, which must be noted for its performances and enigma.

Murder in the Hills

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (15)

Murder in the Hillsis a nail-biting mystery web series, which made its debut on July 23, 2021. This web show has eight episodes.

Tony Roy (Anjan Dutt) dies at his birthday party. As a result, the inquisitive journalist Amitava (Arjun Chakrabarty) launches investigations into Tony’s demise.

Through his quest, Amitava discovers knowledge about a series of murders committed apparently due to Tony’s instructions.The basis for all these findings is a peculiar diary.

Amitava is sharp and intelligent throughout the series. This makes the audience want to know more by desiring him to succeed.

Binged.com makes good points of the show’s characters and the contributions of the actors:

Murder In The Hills also does a good job of the fleshing out of the numerous characters that populate the story.

“Every character is imbued with mystery and motive, specific to their characterisations.”

“Each actor succeeds in emoting the most crucial elements required of every character in a murder mystery – enigma, ambivalence, inscrutability and the motivation to murder.”

Murder in the Hillsis a great programme with a killer ending. This is one that delves deep into the genre of mystery and comes out victorious.

In 2021, Hoichoi boasts of many tremendous Indian web series.These shows will interest, hook and dazzle the audience. Due to this, Hoichoi has its name firmly established in the digital market.

With so much competition and evolving choices for viewers, platforms must keep their content vibrant and effective.

Hoichoi does that perfectly with romance, thrill, and mystery circling within its platform.

The audience will still be riding high long after the ending credits of these shows. If any web series can achieve that, they deserve all the viewership they obtain.

15 Top Indian Web Series to Watch on Hoichoi in 2021 (2024)


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